My plunge into the art of natural medicine was fated through the unfortunate blessing that is ‘autoimmune dis-ease’ - which I discovered during my late teen years following an episode of the Epstein Barr virus (Glandular fever).

This period of my life saw me transition from a gifted, energetic 17 year-old musician to a recluse and chronically ill adolescent, completely derailed from chronic illness and misguided antibiotic prescriptions. Knowing intuitively 2 years after glandular fever that my health was still declining, I was finally diagnosed with Coeliac disease after changing to a holistic-minded doctor. Marginal relief ensued through a strict gluten free diet, but by now however (2006) I had nothing left in the tank, no immunological weaponry, and so remained vulnerable to every pathogen known to man – requiring more and more antibiotics which worsened the cascade. My skin became grey, I wasting away, yet was told repeatedly there was nothing that could be done for me and to go and “lead a normal life”

I wasn’t walking away with that…

I had seen and learnt first hand all by my early 20’s how many “gaps” there were in the Western approach to chronic disease and knew there had to be more to “healthcare” as I had known it. I took the path of many before me and began to educate myself and research the areas of Immunology, Gut health, Herbal/Nutritional medicine and Epigenetics.

I wanted to understand in detail the events that lead to my demise and apply my newfound knowledge and repair from the years of trauma. From there I continued to bio-hack my body over the next few years through advanced testing to continue the search for anything and everything that was keeping me from reaching my potential.

What I learnt would shift my entire perspective. Through my quest for health, I unravelled a new found fascination with plant medicine and it’s phenomenal ability to restore, protect and enhance human function. The distinction between PRO-ACTIVE and RE-ACTIVE medical approaches became very clear!

In 2009 I relocated to the Northern beaches and began work under ‘Bioceuticals’ based in Sydney to step deeper into the field and explore my interest further. Shortly thereafter I formalised my training undertaking a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) through Endeavour College Sydney.

I truly believe that establishing optimum bulletproof health is best achieved through a pro-active, functional & holistic approach that allows one to truly thrive.

My approach utilises cutting-edge evidence based medicine applied through modalities such as herbal nutritional & medicine, with a strong focus on environmental health and longevity.

I specialise in the areas of Immune / Gastrointestinal / Hormonal health and utilise functional diagnostic labs such as uBiome, Nutripath, Laverty and Clinipath Pathology to assist in locating the imbalances contributing to my patient's condition. From here, my aim is to then create an individualised protocol designed to address root-dysfunction and create bulletproof health!