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Functional Diagnostics

Healthcare practitioners should always ask a patient to bring in any pathology tests they’ve had with them to their first appointment,
in order to help assist the practitioners understanding of ones past or present conditions.
These tests are done through “general pathology” and are usually bulk billed through a doctor i.e. blood tests, radiology.

Naturopaths specialise in an additional branch of laboratory testing called ‘Functional Diagnostics’ through Australian (and overseas) labs such as Healthscope Pathology, Clinipath and Nutripath. Functional diagnostics allow practitioners to investigate and pinpoint underlying imbalances that could be creating dis-ease (pathophysiology). These tests typically analyse blood, urine, hair and faeces and provide detailed insight for the practitioner to interpret and formulate a treatment plan from. Naturopaths typically are trained in general pathology as well as functional diagnostics, allowing us to use the best of both worlds for accurate interpretation and prescriptions.

Herbal Medicine & Nutritional Medicine

Use of plant medicines have been well documented by indigenous cultures of the world throughout history and we live in a fortunate age whereby science continues to validate and further identify use for herbal medicines in modern day life. You only need to quickly keywords such as ‘Curcumin & Arthritis’, ‘or ‘Medicinal Mushroom Anti-Cancer Activity’ into an online medical database (such as PubMed) to get an idea of the vast literature available.

At Wellnation Clinics Sydney branch, we dispense only practitioner grade liquid and capsulated herbal medicine to deliver the maximum results for our patients. Herbal medicine can literally be used to support any condition to which you would ordinarily seek the advice of your GP for.

Nutritional Medicine refers to use of specific amino acid, vitamin & mineral, probiotic therapy and dietary strategies tailored to meet ones unique health circumstance. It is the combination of herbal & nutritional medicine that gives a naturopath their competitive edge and ability to provide a holistic treatment plan, leaving no stones unturned and unlocking the true human potential to thrive in life!

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